Visual Content


Melanin Stories

While race and ethnic background has often been used as a way to disconnect people, “Melanin Stories” was created for the purpose of showing how our personal experiences have the power to connect us beyond the indietites we were born into. As a documentary series following a “day in the life” of creatives around the world ranging from fashion designers, models, musicians and visual artist, we expose the viewer to their personal journeys and how they have overcome obstacles of identity, environment and circumstance. The series will also give insight on what it’s like to be a a rising artist in different kinds of creative industries and how they differ in places like Europe, Asia and North America.

We hope this will be a further reminder to people that just because you see someone’s outside, doesn't always give you a deeper look at who they really are as individuals. To truly understand others, we have to start dialogue, learn from one another authentically and connect beyond borders on a human level.


Black In Tokyo

Created with the intention of exposing people around the world to the black foreign experience in a homogenous country, Black in Tokyo follows five subjects, with origins ranging from West Africa to the U.S., narrating the different cultural challenges and opportunities of living in Tokyo, Japan. The film talks about the influence of black culture on youth culture in Asia, race relations, and representations of black people within the Japanese media. Through interviews with people from all walks of life, the project takes the viewer on a visual and narrative journey through Tokyo and examines the dichotomy between the preservation of personal customs while adopting new traditions.